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#1 Question: What is AdsArk Affiliate Network/Program?
Answer: Affiliates.adsark.com is an affiliate programme run by Adsark.com – a classified advertising website for those who are seeking businesses, products or services and for people to advertise their business, products or services.
#2 Question: Who can use this affiliate programme?
Answer: Anyone who has a website, blog or somewhere where they can place links, banners, and articles can use AdsArk’s Affiliate Programme. These websites must be quality controlled and contain no spam.
#3 Question: How much does it cost?
Answer: The Adsark affiliate programme is completely free to use. There is no charge to our affiliate members. Registration is also free.
#4 Question: How does it work?
Answer: When you sign up to the affiliate programme you will have a unique affiliate code which will be within the links, banners and material you have on your quality websites. When your visitors click through and make a featured advertisement purchase, you get paid $5 per sale in your account. We will check if this is a genuine sale/referral.
#5 Question: How much can I earn with this affiliate programme?
Answer: You can earn as much as you make – every referral is checked and then you earn money. For every referral you will get paid $5.
#6 Question: When will I get paid?
Answer: You can get paid as soon as your account reaches the minimum pay-out amount of $50 each month. So if you make $50 or more in the month of January, you will get paid on the 1st of February.
#7 Question: How are payments made?
Answer: Payments are made by PayPal. Members must have a valid, working PayPal account to receive payments.
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